24 tips for Monster Results in 2024

24 Tips for Monster Results in 2024 (Part 2)

The holidays are incredibly close, and many of us are finding out we just don’t have enough time! Me included, but I made you a promise last week and I plan to keep it. So, amidst the flurry of activity that everyone is dealing with this week, I bring you the second half of iDiz, Inc’s 24 tips for Monster Results in 2024. 

We did twelve last week and so without further ado…

13. A new website is only fresh for a brief moment in time. The world, your members, and what they want and need are constantly changing, and your website needs to be able to keep up. That’s why the best websites are never done. A Monster website changes, adapts, expands and evolves constantly.

14. Any way you slice it, Google Analytics (now GA4) is a huge, confusing beast. Here are a few suggestions for slicing through the tangle and go beyond page views for nuggets you can use to understand your members better and improve your website’s usefulness

15. Housekeeping is hard. But it’s still an important part of keeping your credit union’s website running smoothly. Here’s our easy, fun checklist to get your site running smoothly, make updates easier, and eliminate possible misunderstandings.

16. Branding is much more than just creating a logo or finding a slogan. Branding is never a “one and done” thing. It’s a continuous process of evolving what the CU is and will become.

17. Lots of people make bad decisions about their money simply because they were never taught how to make good ones. So why is it that almost all credit union marketing promotions are for loans? Instead of branding yourself as a commodity lender, you have the chance to make a connection.

18. You might be surprised at how many fresh new ideas you can find when you take a step out of the world of financial institutions. To help you stretch your creative legs a bit, here are some ideas for credit unions inspired by things that, well, aren’t other credit unions.

19. Younger members have concerns about the future, to put it lightly, and they’re looking to you for reassurance. If you can’t provide that reassurance, you run the risk of losing your members’ trust. The good news is that credit unions are worth trusting, and there are real, actionable things you can do to show that quality.

20. Every marketer knows “target marketing” is a good idea, but for some reason people seem to get cold feet. That’s how you end up targeting every adult with a pulse. It’s one of the central paradoxes of marketing – if you’re targeting everyone, you’re targeting no one.

21. A lot of credit unions aren’t paying attention to Accessibility on social media, and routinely post content that a significant portion of their members can’t access. Good Accessibility is good usability, and benefits everyone, sometimes in surprising ways.

22. A lot of people are treating social media marketing exactly like every other type of advertising, but there’s a weird combination of factors at play. There’s a line between getting noticed and making people angry.

23. Without constant attention and communication, hundreds of members might slip out of your grasp. Here’s how to turn the member onboarding beastie into your member retention bestie, and transform single-service and indirect members into lifelong super-fans

24. Still haven’t gotten that list of To-Dos done? Trying to hit those goals at the last minute? Or maybe you just want to hit the ground running in Q1.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for Monster Results in 2024 and find them helpful this coming year. If you missed last week or you just love reading great marketing tips, click here to read Part 1.

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Sam Dicken

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