people want to connect with others who share the same beliefs

When it’s okay to preach to the choir

I have heard variations of “preaching to the choir” all my life. Of course, I grew up as a P.K. (preacher’s kid) and even have a brother who became a minister in his second career, so maybe the phrase has a deeper psychological meaning with me than most people. But today, it seems to apply everywhere I look.

Everyone seems to be trying to convince people of something they already believe.

Our political landscape is the most obvious example. There are so many news options today that you can find at least one with whom you can agree, no matter what philosophical or political spectrum you happen to claim.

Thank goodness not all groups get as fanatical as those centered around politics, but I do believe there is some validity to the idea that people want to connect with others who share the same beliefs.

People like to be around like-minded people.

Where they can identify others with similar tastes and philosophies. Where sharing opinions and experiences is a way to find where you belong. It’s almost a need for a tribal connection that seems to run deep within our psyches, and, let’s be honest, we all do it.

Just look at yourself. You and other CU marketers are reading this blog, along with Twitter feeds, listservs and online discussion groups that let credit union marketers share opinions on credit union marketing with other credit union marketers. It’s a common bond, since everyone already understands what the group is all about, and everyone uses a common vocabulary that makes their conversations and experiences easier to share. Plus, everyone is excited to share that “insider” feeling with others, and word of mouth helps to spread the word.

Now think about your membership.

Word of mouth has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools you have, so who else is better to spread the word about your CU than your current members who know you and love you? Your most active members could be helping you grow your credit union. Do they already understand what your CU is about, yet still haven’t shared it with their friends?

They may not know what to say.

So give them the words they need to reach out to others. Give them the tools they need to recommend you to their friends.

After all, a choir needs words to sing.

Kent Dicken

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