Are you sure you know what you know?

Marketers often don’t know what they don’t know

babyfaceThose heart-warming, emotionally-moving ads you are running? Only about 19% of consumers notice them.

You say your ads are more thought-provoking? 33% of the people may have paid attention.

Are you more focused on creating well-designed, eye-catching visuals? You reached about 50% of your audience.

If you truly want to get their attention, you have to bring the funny.

67% of consumers say that humor is what gets them to notice an ad.

Not too surprising, to be sure. Humor has been a standard as long as products have been advertised. But what I found most interesting in a report by Forbes Insights is that only 14% of the marketing executives interviewed in the study even tried to create something “intentionally humorous or irreverent.”

That seems like a big disconnect between what the public wants and what marketers think they want.

Of course that isn’t the only thing that marketers have misinterpreted. As the Forbes report also shows, marketers also tend to get giddy about the number of interactions with their brand online, when in reality, most consumers are only engaged because they want a deal, not to talk about the product. And when they do talk about a product, it may not mean as much as you think it does.

For example, 49% of marketers believe that forwards or shares of content online is a strong measure of engagement, yet only 15% of consumers say they feel engaged when they share a brand’s content.


When it comes to your marketing and advertising, are you sure you know what you know?

Kent Dicken

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