Credit unions should be making all our lives just a little less annoying.

This stuff really annoys me

Instead of looking at the big picture – the country’s economic problems, global warming, and what to get your brother-in-law for Christmas – the folks at Consumer Reports decided to do a survey about what annoys each of us the most. They presented people with a list of 21 items that they were then asked to rank in order of annoyance.

I’m sure each of you can readily reel off a host of issues. I think the main problem with these minor annoyances is that most of them are never going away. They are problems that we have just learned to live with.

Here’s the list of top ten things that bug Americans (brace yourself for the first one):

  1. Hidden fees
  2. Not getting a human on the phone
  3. Tailgating
  4. Cell phone use by drivers
  5. Incomprehensible bills
  6. Unscooped dog poop
  7. Unreliable internet service
  8. Discourteous cell phone use
  9. Waiting for repair people
  10. Spam

Since the number one thing that bothers Americans is something that probably makes your credit union quite a bit of money, perhaps the best thing to do would be to try to be more transparent and up front about these costs so you can remove “hidden” from the name. And maybe a live person answering the phone is more important than cutting personnel costs.

Credit unions, after all, should be the leaders in making all our lives just a little better, a little less annoying.

Brian Wringer

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