Not your Grandma’s Credit Union

Harvester Financial is a small credit union that needs to grow. The manufacturing plant where they started had been closed years ago by their original SEG, which itself had been sold and merged into another company. Even with mergers membership was aging, and the credit union wanted to update their image in order to bring in younger members. While their name was still seen as an asset, their logo was seen as a bit “elaborate”, their web site “dated”, and both were ready for a refresh.

The Marketing team wanted their new logo design to be simpler, stronger, and more colorful in appearance. We used simple shapes with a negative space “H” combined with a strong italic font to give the new brand a forward-moving feel. By emphasizing the first word of the name we were able to synch the visual brand to the way members referred to the credit union on a daily basis.

Their new web site continued the new brand look, and was built to be completely responsive, with promos easily updated by the CU marketing staff, along with large buttons and clear calls to action.


Our brand and web site reminded me of stepping back in the past, “sort of like going to Grandma’s house”.

Being a small credit union, we were faced with a small budget but a large wish list. We needed a fresh look to our brand to help us connect to a younger member. Our web site needed an easy to use Content Management System, and the ability to automatically size to whatever device our website was viewed on. We also wanted to easily navigate the site and highlight our current promotions.

iDiz was able to accomplish everything on our wish list within our budget. I even received this response from one of our board members: “Looks lively, easy to maneuver. Great job to your staff, you, and all involved.”

— Bryan Fluke, CEO and President

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Kent Dicken

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