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In Case You Missed It (Vol 19)

GA4 deadline, crypto crisis, risk management, e-bike deliveries, Mars samples, Nerf rockets, CU opportunities. We didn’t start the fire…. Here’s what we noticed, in case you missed it:

NCUA Streamlining Underserved Area application process

One of the best solutions for solving the “banking desert” problem is credit unions that expand their fields of membership with Underserved Area designations. NCUA recently revised their application process to speed things up, and our friends at CU Collaborate have all the details. Great news!

Yes, risk management is part of a CU Marketer’s job, too…

This article from Lev+ goes into some technical details, but the overall point is pretty important: risk management and compliance are absolutely part of your job as a CU marketer. There are all kinds of other risks, too, like sludge risk, the high risk of risk aversion, and even the risks of over-compliance through fine print.

Less than one year to GA4 Deadline

If your website is still using Google’s ancient Universal Analytics, it’s going away next year on July 1, 2023. Talk to your website developers ASAP about updating your tracking code! Here’s how GA4 benefits credit unions. If you’re not using Universal Analytics (UA), you should be able to set up a GA4 property using your existing GA3 tracking code so you can learn how it works!

Crypto and buyers are in for a bumpy ride

Most people who follow such things already know that the cryptocurrency market isn’t looking too good as of late. In fact, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is on track to post its worst quarter in the past decade. This CNBC report attributes the volatile market to recent inflation, which has caused central banks to sell off their higher-risk assets.

We’ve seen discussions on cryptocurrencies making waves in the credit union world recently, but this might serve to calm those waters. With prices crashing, how many CUs are going to put crypto on the backburner?

Nerf has a date with Destiny

Months ago, it was announced that the nostalgia-inducing Hasbro-owned toy company, Nerf, would be collaborating with video game company Bungie (best known for the Halo series). They announced they were working to create a life-sized replica of one of the items from Bungie’s Sci-Fi title Destiny 2, and we’ve now seen just how massive this collaboration truly is. The toy is huge, as is the price tag, but even more impactful is the message Nerf is sending to gamers: We’ll make your dreams come true.

How CUs can better serve immigrant communities

This is a great article from the CFPB with lots of research and practical advice on finding and serving immigrant communities. Do you hear that noise? It sounds like opportunity knocking to me…

Your deliveries won’t skip leg day

You might have heard about Amazon’s promise to become carbon-neutral by 2040, and their upcoming fleet of electric vans from Rivian. But did you know your delivery might arrive by e-bike? There’s a trial run of the new four-wheeled e-bikes planned in the east-London borough of Hackney. Seems like a no brainer for those congested city streets.

The space community’s “holy grail” meets opposition

NASA’s Mars Sample Return (MSR) campaign is certainly an ambitious project. In short, NASA intends to retrieve samples from Mars to study here on Earth. The MSR campaign could be a crucial step toward safely sending humans to the red planet. But not everyone is so excited. When NASA recently solicited public commentary on their associated draft environmental impact statement, they received a pretty negative response.

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