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CU Conference Shout-Outs

The “sixth principle” of credit unions is cooperation among cooperatives. And we feel a similar spirit should apply to those of us who serve the credit union movement. Here are just a few quick shout-outs to just a few of the innovative companies and CUSOs we’ve seen at NACUSO in Las Vegas in April, and MAC in Nashville in May. Tell ’em iDiz sent you!


This is a powerful platform for driving debit/credit cards to top-of-wallet and member engagement, while creating community impact!


Ever try to run a member referral marketing program? The logistics can turn into a nightmare fast. Extole handles all the matching and details for you. They’ve solved one of the tougher CU marketing problems!


Quite simply, the finest branch and ATM locator we’ve ever seen. You can see more, test drive, and schedule a demo here:


Some very interesting digital asset and brand management tools, great for large or scattered teams.


A nice suite of digital and social media marketing, compliance, and community development tools.


Rich Jones has been a friend and a leader in the CU movement for a long time, and his presentation on leadership at MAC in Nashville was brilliant and far too short. Facing challenges in leadership and transformation? Talk to Rich.


There’s been a lot of attention on marketing automation for credit unions, and this is one of the more complete and polished solutions I’ve seen, with reasonable costs and learning curve.


You could say much the same about Act-On’s platform; polished, complete, and well worth a look as your credit union moves into marketing automation.

And remember

With any marketing automation, you need to supply the high-level strategy and of course the content — we’re happy to help! Did we miss you in our shout-outs? Let us know!

Brian Wringer

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