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In Case You Missed It (v30)

CU numbers, a social media post idea, Gmail tricks, EDDM options, ancient tweezers, and who knew pickleball was so noisy? Here’s what we noticed, in case you missed it:

New Age Direct Mail

Sure, email, websites, social media, video, and all the rest are getting most of the attention these days, but good old direct mail still works. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the USPS lets you choose the exact carrier routes and the exact neighborhoods who will receive your direct mail. And it’s relatively cheap, and easy – no need to separately address each piece. They even have a zooty online mapping tool that will show you the exact routes along with great data on demographics. Credit unions are hyper-local by their nature, so EDDM can be a great way to find new members living near your branches.

Gmail & Chrome tricks I wish I had known about

Gmail has been my go-to for email for as long as I can remember, so rather than blaming myself for being unaware, I blame Google’s programmers for never telling me about these 5 tricks. And if you use a Chrome browser to get your YouTube fix, be sure to check out these tips.

How do your members know if they are good with money?

Your members make financial decisions every day. But how do they know if they are doing it right? After all, there are consequences if they aren’t, so it can be a bit stressful. According to this professor, here are 5 signs that will tell them if they are on the right track. Might make a good social media post?

And you thought zoom meetings couldn’t get any longer

Zoom has just added a feature “which will allow meeting attendees to chat before, during, and after a meeting in a simple and seamless manner.” Is it a great idea for teams that are collaborating on a project, or has Zoom opened a door to the dreaded Never-Ending Meeting?

Number of CUs down, CU membership up

In the latest data from NCUA, we lost nearly 200 credit unions, almost all to mergers, in the last year. However, the overall numbers of members, loans, deposits, etc. are healthy, and increased. At the same time, only about four new charters were approved in the last year, and chartering a new CU remains a daunting and expensive task, despite efforts to make the process a little easier. Where will the consolidation stop?

Pickleball’s pwock is a problem

Once the sport of choice for retirees, Pickleball has exploded over the last 10 years. Today it is so popular – and it’s signature sound so noisy – that communities are closing courts and homeowners are filing lawsuits against neighboring country clubs. After all, a solid pickleball hit can register a decibel level of ~ 70 dBA, with a frequency that equals the beeping sounds of a garbage truck backing up. Thankfully at least one researcher is working ’round the clock on the pwock.

Tweezers have been around a long time

Archaeologists working in a roman city in England discovered a collection of over 50 tweezers dating back to the 2nd-4th century CE. So apparently people have been obsessed with hair removal for a loooong time.

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