What's it going to take to get you to do something about it?

Are you defending your pain?

Life is full of annoyances. Everyone of us has something that has been nagging at our brains, something we know is wrong and just needs to be fixed. That drive you kind of crazy, day after day.

At home, it might be a squeaky door, a burned out light bulb where you need to haul out the ladder, a garage or closet that needs to be unstuffed, or a grapevine that is taking over your tree in the backyard. Little annoyances that are typically things you can do yourself, whenever you get around to them.

But sometimes little annoyances evolve into big ones.


At work, it could be that poor letter-spacing between two characters in the logo your predecessor left behind, that not-quite-right tagline that one of your board members dreamed up, that strategic marketing plan that you have been wanting for at least four years, or that painful-to-update-butt-ugly website that has crippled your marketing for even longer.

Big annoyances are usually ones that either aren’t easy for you to do, or that you have to get someone else involved in order to change anything. So you keep putting up with it, day after day after day after day.

Why? It hasn’t maxed out your pain threshold quite yet?

Or do you actually like defending your pain?

Because no one else feels the pain you feel. They likely don’t even know it exists.

What’s it going to take to get you to do something about it?


Kent Dicken

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