emotional beats rational every time

The 1-2 punch is knockout marketing

Most people are not engineers, or scientists, or accountants. They are emotional, not logical. Heck, most people don’t even like doing math, especially when it comes to money. Put a dollar sign in front of a number or a percent sign behind it, and most people’s eyes start to glaze over. Behavioral studies using brain scanning techniques even show that while people claim they make decisions logically, they actually use experiences, emotions and feelings to decide between brands.

People are emotional beings, so why would you focus on a rate in your marketing?

Sure, your rate may be good. But the only people that truly notice are rate-shoppers who are just as ready to jump ship when they see a better offer. And they will, because now everyone is well-connected through various delivery channels. For every low rate you offer, there are a multitude of similar or better rates available online and around the corner.

If you want to create knockout marketing, let me give you a simple formula to remember:

1. People make decisions based on emotion.
2. They use facts to justify that emotion.

When it comes to your marketing, you are better off trying to make an emotional connection first, then giving people logical reasons as a way to support their emotional decisions.

That’s the 1-2 punch in knockout marketing.

Because emotional beats rational every time.


Kent Dicken

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