a bad review has the power to destroy with just a few key strokes

Sticks, stones and names can hurt you

I don’t know about you, but before I purchase something, I always check to see what other people think about them. Most, if not all, online sites let users post reviews, so I can read what other people think before I invest my time and money. And if you’re like me, you trust these online reviews far more than any party line put out by a company.

So while Marketing is very important, a bad review has the power to destroy with just a few key strokes.

That’s why it’s vitally important that you treat every single person as a potential walking billboard. Each and every staff member who comes in contact with the public needs to think: What would this person say about our CU after our interaction?

After that, there are three things you can do to insure your reputation stays smudge-free:

  1. Monitor your brand by keeping a close eye on everything that’s being said about you, good and bad. Facebook and Twitter are good places to start.
  2. Respond quickly to disgruntled members or potential members. Your swift response and actions to correct a problem can be very effective in turning a negative into a positive even if the problem can’t actually be solved.
  3. Offer a personal touch by picking up the phone and calling, or at the very least by reaching out through cyberspace. Don’t make the mistake of sending upset members through automated phone hell.

As a CU marketer, you need to build equity with both current and potential members by building your brand’s good name. Don’t wait until there’s a problem and then have to scramble to repair it.

And remember that while bad news travels faster than wildfire online, good news also carries a lot of weight.

Brian Wringer

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