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International Harvester Employees Credit Union faced a problem many credit unions have; their founding SEG no longer existed under the same name.

iDiz was hired to research staff and member feelings on the existing name and collect suggestions for new names via an online survey. Even with favorable survey results and name suggestions, many long-time members still felt a strong connection to the old name. Fortunately, IH Credit Union had been used as the default DBA name for a few years, and the Board was comfortable moving ahead with a name modification.

iDiz designed a new brand identity for IHCU, with logo, tagline, colors and brand manual. Members were made aware of the new branding via the web site, lobby banners and branded wall art for both branches and staff offices. A series of ads (print and broadcast) were developed to announce the name change to the community. Signage (interior and exterior) was updated and lobby interiors were renovated, and their completely redesigned mobile-first responsive website was launched.


“I have been working with iDiz Inc. for several years now. Over the last two years they have supported us as we contemplated a name change, helping us with member contests and surveys, even brainstorming possible name ideas. In the end, it was decided not to completely change our name but to shorten it. After the decision was made, iDiz expertise was invaluable to us as we went through a complete rebranding. They had so many creative ideas, and they helped us arrive at a new brand that truly fits us. Then iDiz created a new website, the second website that they have designed for us, and I have been extremely happy with the results both times. We receive so many compliments from members, vendors and other credit unions about the look and functionality. Overall I cannot say enough about the service that iDiz provides us with. They truly go above and beyond the call of duty. They are always available to us for large and small projects alike, and they truly make my job easier with all of the assistance that they provide.”

– Tiffany Looney, Marketing Director

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Kent Dicken

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