Pick up the phone and call! Rent-a-Brain operators are standing by.


Are you responsible for too many initiatives, an overabundance of priorities, an excess of tasks at hand with way too few fingers to get it done? Are you a slam-packed, schedule-smacked, shell-shocked, docket-pocked shell of your former self, trying your best to appease particularly pesky purveyors of arbitrarily outrageous deadlines?

In short, has the fun gone out of your job?

You aren’t alone. Credit Union marketers say their biggest problems are too few staff and being pulled in too many directions, often as a result of having no strategic plan as a guideline.

WELL, do I have a solution for you! Innnnn-tro-du-cing…RENT-A-BRAIN!

Rent-a-Brain is a revolutionary new concept that has frazzled Marketers around the world muttering to themselves “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

For a nominal cost, you can hand off those pesky strategic plans, all of the continuous loan marketing campaigns, that so-ugly-I-can’t-stand-it-any-longer web site, and especially that long-ago-petrified branding, and ACTUALLY GO HOME AND SLEEP AT NIGHT, knowing that an expert team of designers and writers and strategists and programmers are going to produce something that makes you look A-MA-ZING to your peers, boss, and Board!

And the incredible part is that renting the talents of marketing experts when you need them actually costs a lot less than hiring more staff. Even the tightest-fisted CFO can appreciate that!

Still want to get your hands dirty? No problem! You can take care of the fun stuff and let Rent-a-Brain experts do the heavy lifting — although you may want to pick up all those inevitable marketing awards yourself.


So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call! Rent-a-Brain operators are standing by.


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Kent Dicken

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