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In Case You Missed It (Vol 4)

In Case You Missed It is our way of cutting down on those “Did you see this?!” emails that we kept sending each other. Instead, we’re sharing the best of these tidbits and insights with all of you. If you like this kind of thing (or don’t), feel free to let us know or join the conversation. In the meantime, here’s what we’ve seen lately:

Crazy used car values and how they affect your lending and marketing strategy

Used car values are nuts right now, thanks to pent-up demand plus new car supply issues. How does that affect your strategy for pricing and marketing used car loans? Great nuts and bolts analysis and strategy here.

Can we finally re-think overdrafts?

Lots of great data in this article, but they sort of skip over discussing the most interesting and troublesome part; the differences in perception and the impacts of overdraft fees among younger people and people of color, not to mention people with lower incomes. Disparate impacts are a serious problem and a serious risk. We need to talk about this. What if overdraft was actually presented – and priced – as a service, not a punishment

Feeling the urge to merge? Don’t forget your digital and virtual assets.

This article is a fantastic general overview of the importance of often-neglected digital assets during a business merger. In the rush to get everything else up and running, websites, domain names, social media accounts, SEO “juice” and other extremely valuable digital and virtual assets are too often neglected or completely ignored. (Man, we could tell some stories…) This leads to all kinds of expensive and completely unnecessary headaches.

You really can’t be everything to everyone. Really. Honest. Stop it.

This Financial Brand article makes the 100% true, no-kidding point that you can’t be all things to all people. However, it stops short of the obvious, but painful conclusion; you’re going to have to give up something. A lot of somethings. You have to figure out what you ain’t, to really understand and focus on your differentiators. Far too many people managing brands completely fail at this crucial step. Let it gooo, let it gooooo…

Focus on lifestyle, not life events?

And on a related note, there are lots of interesting nuggets in this analysis published on Financial Brand by Samantha Paxson, Chief Experience Office at CO-OP Financial services. CU members are patching together the smooth, easy daily financial life they want using an assortment of fintechs. Are you paying attention? Are you included? Is anyone out there accepting this reality and figuring out ways to serve their members better with, say, a Digital Life Account that smooths the way for members who are stitching together the financial world they want? You can’t beat ’em at their game, but you can beat ’em at your game. People, real meatspace human beings, are already leading hybrid financial lives, and you might as well get used to that and learn to work with it.

Startup Blather Generator

Got a bad case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? This site can fill that void – just keep tapping refresh to generate an endless stream of startup techno-babble press releases. Though if they start to make sense, you should probably get off the internet for a while and go have a nice burrito or something.

Feel like we missed something important? Let us know and we’ll make sure it’s on the next volume of In Case You Missed It!

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