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Young professionals aren’t the only ones job-hopping more often. Actual proof that marketing actually works. E-Z SEO and cookie-less analytics. Plus a brilliant name for a sperm collection company! Here are the items that caught our eye, in case you missed it:

The non-stop job-hop bebop

Young professionals are job-hopping at an ever-increasing rate. According to Axios, Gen Z workers are changing jobs at a rate 134% higher than in 2019. Millennials are only switching jobs 24% more often, and Boomers 4% less. Gen Z doesn’t seem to be stopping, either, as a quarter of them said they’d be switching jobs in the next six months. Sounds like management needs to find out why they’re leaving, and fast!

Proof that Marketing drives growth?

This article is a little technical, but it’s good stuff to know about CU asset growth. (Which is not quite the same thing as membership growth, but still good info.) Four takeaways:

  • Yes, marketing actually works. If you stop communicating you stop growing.
  • Rates do matter to depositors. You can buy deposits.
  • Rates don’t matter much to borrowers. You can’t really buy loans.
  • Putting money into marketing works a lot better than putting it into rates.

Do you know what your audience is watching?

Facebook recently published their “Widely Viewed Content Report” for Q4 2021. This report includes the most popular domains, links, pages and posts found on their platform. The 20 most popular posts had a common thread: They all created an emotional response. The next time you need some marketing inspiration, it might be worth taking a look through resources like this one.

No cookies for me, thanks

Looking for a way to guard your privacy and still take advantage of Analytics? There are a couple of cookie-less options such as Wide Angle Analytics and Fathom Analytics. Either of these might be a good way to get those audience insights, follow your traffic patterns and monitor campaign performance without getting compliance involved.


Looking to redesign your website, but worried about how it will impact your Search results? SEO specialist Neil Patel has posted a super handy Website Redesign SEO checklist. Whether you redesign your whole site or just parts of your site, keep in mind it can impact your SEO. Sometimes your traffic will go up, but in many cases your traffic will go down. This checklist can help you avoid those pitfalls. And even if you aren’t adjusting your design at the moment, save that checklist for the future. Eventually, you will adjust your design.

The Matrix Metaverse is everywhere

While there’s still a lot of debate about what the Metaverse will be and whether it will take off, it hasn’t stopped big brands from preparing for a real-world Matrix. From online casinos to virtual food and virtual goods, brands like McDonalds, Wingstop, CVS and Walmart are getting ready to plug in. Countries such as South Korea and China are also planning developments around this new technology. So what could this mean for tech-savvy CUs? We could see the line between your digital and IRL branches getting a little blurry.

Dadi was a brilliant name for this company.

What else would you call a company that had developed a simple and relatively inexpensive at-home sperm collection kit? Too bad they’ve been sold to an online pharmacy that is ditching their name. But at least the kit will still be available.

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