The credit union difference

Explaining the CU Difference. Again.

Every time I begin to think that people understand the difference between credit unions and banks, I keep getting reminded that it isn’t as obvious to the average person.

Of course you know why CUs are great — you’re soaking in CU goodness. But you simply can’t assume that consumers have any idea what a credit union is, or why it’s better — sometimes you have to step back and explain the basics. And you have to follow up and reinforce the basic message more often than you might think.

My reminder this time was my oldest son, moving to a new city, excited to be finally done with Vet school and working full-time in a practice. Even though I’ve worked with CUs for decades now, and he has been a member of one since he was old enough to have an account, he wasn’t sure if it was worth finding another CU instead of a bank.

So, instead of explaining it one more time, I sent him these TV spots we created for Financial Center First Credit Union:


Kent Dicken

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