A few tips for balancing strategy with resources to get the biggest bang

Bracing yourself for CU budget season

All across the land, credit union marketers are polishing up their crystal balls, sharpening their pencils, and gearing up to face the most fearsome beast of all: next year. Following are a few tips for balancing strategy with resources to get the biggest bang for your members’ hard-earned bucks — and your time and energy.…

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The Gig Economy and how credit unions can help

As a millennial it’s weird that I get to say this, but here it goes: the economy and the workforce don’t work the same way they used to. A significant portion of adults are now a part of the Gig Economy and we’re seeing a decline in full-time, salaried positions with benefits as we navigate…

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Compared to bricks-and-mortar, websites are incredibly cheap.

5 reasons to fix your “mostly sorta OK-ish” credit union website

If your credit union’s website is a real dumpster fire, then the reasons to upgrade ASAP and pronto are pretty obvious. But what if it’s just… a little lame? Sorta… meh. Just, you know, not awful, but not great. What’s your motivation if it’s not TOO painful? Here’s why now is exactly the right time…

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We can all learn a few lessons from what they did

Big Brand Updates: Fix or Fail?

Most brand updates happen for a reason. Something has changed that needs to be fixed for the brand to grow in the future. Recently, several major companies have updated their brands, and of course everyone had an opinion. Some were applauded, while others were panned. Some were a strong Fix, while others were a surprising…

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helping hands

Good iDiz (v4): IHCU

In November we decided we’d had enough gloom & doom, so we started something new. Good iDiz is the way we keep our focus on well, good ideas. We’re on the lookout for people offering a helping hand. This week we’re highlighting the helpful folks at IH Credit Union! IH Credit Union extends a helping…

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Five reasons your website is a fright

In honor of spooky season, let’s talk about a few of the ways your credit union website might be causing horrible moaning and groaning, or even frightening members away. And, more importantly, what you can do about it. 1) It’s mummified and lifeless Does your website just sit there, creepily staring into space, with no…

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you've got to keep your ears open.

Don’t forget to listen to your followers.

There are plenty of ways to get member feedback: take a poll, distribute surveys, and ask your call center for a list of FAQs. But the place where a lot of CUs are missing the mark, however, is social listening. Social listening is an important part of your social media strategy and integral to guiding…

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No one wants to make a mistake when there is a lot at stake.

How credit unions can avoid Analysis Paralysis

Have you ever been part of a group that has come up with so many options that the only decision has been to not make a decision? Or where someone is so convinced that there is a perfect solution still out there, that the fear of making the wrong decision has everyone overanalyzing and overthinking…

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catch members at crucial points in their decision-making process

How to add financial calculators to your credit union website

Financial calculators are a great way to make your credit union’s website more useful and interactive for your members. Credit union websites are a little different than most; one way to look at it is that your website is primarily a tool, not a destination: members visit your website to get things done. Good financial…

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Nothing is as personal as the human voice

This is why you need a podcast

These are strange times filled with uncertainty and fear. While people want to be reassured, they’re also craving connection. A few days of social distancing is enough to impact anyone’s mental state. A blog post is fine, but nothing is as personal as the human voice. So this is a perfect time to talk about…

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