CUCheck Online Focus Groups

What do your members REALLY want?

What do your employees REALLY think of their jobs?

Find out with CUCheck, a unique online focus group survey used to discover what matters most to your credit union's members, staff, and volunteers. CUCheck allows respondents to communicate what they really believe and value – openly, honestly, and in their own words.

Created specifically for credit unions, the CUCheck process provides vital emotional intelligence about the feelings and values that motivate staff, members, volunteers and potential members.

CUCheck can be used to explore many of the most difficult questions and issues that affect credit union strategic planning. Each CUCheck online survey is custom tailored for the credit union and the situation, and designed to draw out valuable seeds of information that can:

  • Determine what is highly valued
  • Point the way to your credit union's future
  • Reveal unexpected opportunities
  • Learn what you do that irritates members and employees
  • Discover what is considered unimportant
  • Expose potential problems earlier

"Through iDiz's CUCheck our staff and volunteers were able to speak in an anonymous environment. It was like having an outside focus group for all of our staff at once. It gave them a voice to help shape our future."

Here are a few examples of how you can use CUCheck:

  • Assess the potential effects of credit union changes, such as: Mergers, Charter Changes, Name Changes, etc.
  • Discover what your employees really think about the CU – what they love, what they hate, and how they treat your members.
  • Form a better understanding of the values and motivations of younger members – the credit union's future.
  • Guide product development by learning what members truly value most.
  • Gather the information needed to develop and drive a true service and sales culture.
  • Repeat CUCheck after several months to gauge the impact of a renewed branding focus, new product or service.
  • Show employees that their opinions matter and that management is listening.
  • As a supplement to a more traditional or statistical survey.

How does it work?

First, we work with you to identify and articulate what exactly you'd like to learn about your credit union. Then we develop thought-provoking questions using specific methods designed to ensure clear understanding and full, thoughtful responses. (These are usually three to five questions.)

Once the survey goes online and respondents are notified by email, most clients collect responses for three to five days for employees, and up to two weeks for members.

To preserve complete anonymity for the respondents, no one at the credit union will have access to the raw responses. We sift the data to find expressions of emotions and values and identify patterns and correlations. We'll also make a list of specific issues and opportunities.

What's the key CUCheck difference?

The biggest weakness of traditional surveys is that they're mostly predictable. Our anonymous CUCheck surveys are designed to find out what people truly care about.

The CUCheck analysis actually focuses on the outliers – the less common emotions and values. These "data frontiers" contain the most interesting and useful information, and with the proper context and analysis, can provide valuable insights you can't get from any other method.