you've got to keep your ears open.

Don’t forget to listen to your followers.

There are plenty of ways to get member feedback: take a poll, distribute surveys, and ask your call center for a list of FAQs. But the place where a lot of CUs are missing the mark, however, is social listening. Social listening is an important part of your social media strategy and integral to guiding…

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You need to nurture your social media audiences if you want them to blossom and bear fruit.

You need to be social to grow Social Media

You’ve done it. You created accounts for your Credit Union on every social media platform, picked your social media management tool, and started planting some custom content. You post at the recommended times, and answer your followers’ and fans’ messages. In short, you’ve planted your social media garden. Congrats! Good job! But your engagement, the…

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Build the culture and walk the talk.

Your best social media marketing tool

Social media is based on people sharing ideas and information, creating online communities and conversations. We’ve already told you about a few of the social media management systems we’ve tested, and the importance of maintaining your presence on social media. But, to let you in on a little trade secret, you already have access to…

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Looking to start a relationship with a Social Media system?

I went Social Media Management Speed Dating

Recently I wrote an article about how important it is to include social media in your digital strategy, but of course someone still has to make it happen. For a few of our clients that someone was me. So, I decided to “date” a few different social media management systems to see which ones might…

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Neo was right. If you die in the Matrix, you die in real life.

Right now, your digital presence is who you are.

With everything happening these days, your digital presence is either your most prominent asset or your most obviously-neglected marketing liability for the foreseeable future. People have now been stuck at home or afraid to come see you for months. Many are planning on staying home for a long time. That makes your digital presence more…

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Video is about connecting humans to humans (or funny cats).

Ten fast video content ideas for credit unions

Everyone knows that video content is the most engaging by far on websites and social media. That goes double when branch access is restricted, and people are depending heavily on online access. Of course, credit union products and services are a little abstract, so it can be hard to figure what’s interesting and engaging. Here…

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it's time for some new ways of thinking part 2

20 Monster Ideas for a Monster 2020: Part 2

It’s a new decade, and it’s time for some new ways of thinking. We sat down and made a list of 20 Monster Ideas we’d like credit union marketers to ponder as we head into 2020. Last week, we shared the first ten ways to pump up differentiation, connect with the next generation, break out…

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