What if your credit union could make digital moneyeasier and safer?

Free product idea: Digital Life Accounts

Just handing over paper money is sooooo 2010, and it’s honestly just a little icky these days. Like most modern humanoids, I live a more digital life. But it’s a little like speaking multiple languages; everyone needs more than one payment method on hand in order to have the best odds of aligning with another…

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Get to know your millennials before deciding what they need.

3 millennial misconceptions that I’m going to kill, right now

There are a lot of think pieces, blog posts and even news articles out there about millennials and how different we are. Some are more successful than others, but an unfortunate number of them are just plain wrong. I call these millennial misconceptions, mostly for the alliteration. But why do people seem to care about…

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what if that place was... all over the place?

What if we turned branches inside-out?

In an earlier SharediDiz article, I just had to admit that I’ve always been a branch hater. When I need to get something done, visiting a branch has always been the absolute last resort. But maybe I was being a little harsh. A lot of people still like branches. They can make people feel more…

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A smooth CU merger depends on member buy-in

Don’t merge without your members

If you have been part of the credit union world for any length of time, you know there have been a lot of mergers, even while greatly increasing membership and offering expanded benefits. And it looks like those merger trends will continue. Over the years, we’ve had the honor of helping several credit unions navigate these mergers. And we’ve…

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The actions you take now have the potential to redefine your credit union.

How is a credit union supposed to respond to current events?

How is a credit union supposed to respond to current events? Now, I know that most credit union CEOs and Boards typically don’t respond to current events. But these issues are not going away any time soon, and how you respond today will affect how your credit union is perceived by the members you need to stay viable in the future.

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When you mobilize your members, you can do even more.

How credit unions could help the helpers

What with all this… let’s just call it “stuff” going on in the world right now, credit unions all over are leading the response in a lot of innovative ways. After all, “people helping people” is part of every credit union’s DNA.  Much of what we’ve seen so far are CUs offering flexibility to their…

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Where are your members checking if they're not checking with you?

How do you market checking when no one writes checks?

Paper checks may be fading, but checking will likely be with us for years to come. And I suspect that the term “checking” will linger long past the time payments are telepathic and humans have stopped chopping up trees to make paper. After all, that amazing all-purpose portable computer, navigator, and communicator sitting on your…

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one of the planet's biggest no-brainers for member retention

The Department of Missing-The-Boat

Today we have so many different topics to talk about, (okay, rant about), that we chose to share them all instead. Big thanks (I think) to the sources linked for the extra grey hairs over the last few weeks. Where are the CUs on automatic savings? This is one of the planet’s biggest no-brainers for member…

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MX is the new brand marketing

Why are you paying attention to everything but MX?

For an industry based on the idea of People Helping People, why aren’t more credit unions laser-focused on Member Experience (MX)? Don’t they know that all those little annoyances add up? Aren’t fewer hassles supposed to be a CU advantage over banks? For example, my CU apparently decided to switch service providers that track whether…

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it's time for some new ways of thinking

20 Monster Ideas for a Monster 2020: Part 1

It’s a new decade, and it’s time for some new ways of thinking. We sat down and made a list of 20 Monster Ideas we’d like credit union marketers to ponder as we head into 2020. Here are the first ten ways to pump up differentiation, connect with the next generation, break out of your…

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