what my generation wants and needs from credit unions, and the world in general.

Five things credit unions need to know about my generation

  As a college student, apparently I am a demographic that lots of credit union marketers are eager to reach. So I have been asked to write about what my generation wants and needs from credit unions, and the world in general. Okay. You asked for it: 1. We want to be treated like adults.…

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Way too many credit unions have terrible web sites

First, fix your web site

Way too many credit unions have terrible websites, and frankly, I’m tired of it. I’m not talking about subtle things only geeks care about — I’m talking about some real train wrecks that make the credit unions look like amateur operations. Here’s the real problem: potential new members won’t do business with you without doing…

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do you really have to remind people that you're not responsible for the entire internet?

Big scary lawyer warning

Be honest — how many of you have web sites that show a Big Scary Lawyer Warning (BSLW) like this when a member clicks a link to another site? OH NOES! You are leaving the ABCFCU web site! ABFCU has no control over and is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other…

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multitaskers are worse at multitasking than people who normally don't multitask

When consumers have the attention span of a goldfish

“The average attention span of an adult is 20 minutes.” – Brad Vander Zanden, University of Tennessee “On the Internet, the average attention span is three to five minutes.”– Steven Hirsch, co-chairman, Vivid Entertainment “The addictive nature of Web browsing can leave you with an attention span of nine seconds, the same as a goldfish.”…

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a good excuse to unfriend that worthless brother-in-law

Can Facebook friends affect your credit?

You may not pay much attention to what your social media friends are posting, but creditors are. If your settings are “public”, what you are discussing is available to companies that want to sell their products – that includes banks, credit unions, and credit companies. According to an article by Erica Sandberg, creditors are starting…

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Credit unions should be making all our lives just a little less annoying.

This stuff really annoys me

Instead of looking at the big picture – the country’s economic problems, global warming, and what to get your brother-in-law for Christmas – the folks at Consumer Reports decided to do a survey about what annoys each of us the most. They presented people with a list of 21 items that they were then asked…

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How do you measure the success of a credit union website?

How does your web site measure up?

How do you measure the success of a credit union website, and how do you justify spending money on it? We’ve had some interesting discussions lately on metrics for CU sites, and here are the points raised: One key is to remember that to members, your site is a tool – not an entertainment destination or…

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think about your website from the member's point of view

Think slippery, not sticky

Most websites want users to stick around longer in hopes that they’ll see more ads and/or make a purchase. But on a credit union site, tactics intended to increase page views mostly get in the way. That’s why you need to think slippery, not sticky. To your members, a credit union web site is a tool,…

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People have more and more ways to disconnect from your marketing

Why rent eyeballs when you can own?

Traditional media is based on buying exposure – how many people will see this newspaper ad, this TV spot, this outdoor board, this trade show booth. As a result, buyers of traditional media calculate what it will cost to rent eyeballs just long enough to get a message across, then pray for a 1% response…

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Young adults are different. Probably more different than you expect.

Those Crazy Kids

You’ve probably seen a few thousand articles about all the ways the internet and social media are going to change marketing forever. We are certainly facing a fundamental shift in marketing, but it’s not particularly tied to a certain technology — it’s tied more to some profound differences in generations. Database marketing got its start…

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