Nothing says “we speak your language” as well as actually speaking their language.

Website accessibility and translation go hand-in-hand

For some people, website translation (and other forms of web accessibility) seem like more of a compliance issue than anything else. They only want to do what’s necessary to avoid any accusations or complications, and no more. Once done, the translations and other changes will likely sit there. They’ll be untouched by future updates, because…

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The Gig Economy and how credit unions can help

As a millennial it’s weird that I get to say this, but here it goes: the economy and the workforce don’t work the same way they used to. A significant portion of adults are now a part of the Gig Economy and we’re seeing a decline in full-time, salaried positions with benefits as we navigate…

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If CUs were rebranded as their best qualities

Rebranding: why it’s all about your “why”

It’s human nature to name things to make them easier to understand. We name things in order to identify what they are, organize them into some sort of system, and describe them to others. And once named, that thing then becomes a bit more real to us; we start to feel ownership, more of a…

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The reactions I get are still humorous, but more often humbling.

Speaking Spanish is my superpower

You wouldn’t know it from my current curmudgeonly outlook, but I was not a particularly shy kid. To hear my family tell it, I could have held a conversation with a brick wall as long as it nodded in the right places. I had this deep-seated need to make friends and be liked. I wanted…

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working in a mental hospital gives you a lifetime of interesting stories.

The Double Jesus Day

Long ago, and not so far away, I worked in a mental hospital. I was working my way through college, which should give you an idea of how long ago this was. It paid about the same as burger-flipping, but it was infinitely more interesting, and of course I learned a lot of people skills.…

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Give a gift card. Save the world.

During the holiday season, life can get pretty hectic. Throw in an economic recession or pandemic, and you probably feel like you’re just surviving. Finding the right gift for the right person is exhausting, and this year it’s doubly easy to fall behind. So what are you supposed to do when you’re behind on holiday…

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Good iDiz (v5): Security CU

Last month we realized everyone would appreciate hearing a little more good news, so we’re continuing our pleasant positivity publications with a look at the good people over at Security Credit Union! They’ve got community spirit AND holiday spirit! Security CU literally walks the walk These peppy pedestrians were recognized back in November for their…

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helping hands

Good iDiz (v4): IHCU

In November we decided we’d had enough gloom & doom, so we started something new. Good iDiz is the way we keep our focus on well, good ideas. We’re on the lookout for people offering a helping hand. This week we’re highlighting the helpful folks at IH Credit Union! IH Credit Union extends a helping…

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removing the barriers of fear is key to membership growth

Are your potential members afraid of financial commitment?

If your membership growth numbers are a little tepid, maybe you can spice things up by reducing the fears that go along with financial commitment. We marketers tend to focus on the positives, but it’s well worth thinking about the negatives that might be creating barriers. What are people afraid of? What’s scary or unknown…

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