connect the dots between the things you are already doing

Your marketing flow starts with your website

Your website has never been more valuable. If nothing else, the last few months have proven how important your website is to your credit union. It’s the one branch that never closes, the public face that everyone sees. The source of information and access that your members need on a daily basis. It can also…

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De-Mummify your Marketing

Is your marketing groaning, moaning, and shuffling its way out to your members? Are you feeling cursed? Forever doomed to create and recreate calcified content? Don’t plague your members with soul-sucking, reanimated marketing campaigns. Here’s a few ideas on how to reinvigorate your marketing and shake off bad voodoo. Quit worshiping the past You can’t…

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We don't just need help. We remember who helped us.

You want more Millennials? (Part 2)

In my last article, I shared a not-so-secret insight: Millennials are often hard to reach because we just don’t see any reason to get invested in a brand. And most brands aren’t giving us one, so we don’t care. We all know the traditional marketing approaches often don’t work for Millennials. Heck, we’ve been known…

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why is it so hard for you to get our attention?

You want more Millennials? (Part 1)

CUs would seem to be in a perfect position to attract Millennials. The foundational concept of people helping people. Banding together to create something where everyone benefits. No shareholders to satisfy, with their just-give-me-that-dividend mindset. CUs literally exist to help their members and their communities. Which is something Millennials can appreciate. So why is it…

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get more done with fewer resources

AI video might be the answer to your problems

When experts demonstrate applications for artificial intelligence (AI), the potential looks amazing. But, the application has always fallen a bit short. AI’s Rough Start One of the problems with AI-created interactions in the past has been it’s lack of “human-ness.” Robotic voice synthesizers and response algorithms created rigid, machine-like experiences. Early AI wasn’t able to…

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email newsletters are still an effective marketing tool

5 Easy Ways to Generate Email Content Ideas

Email marketing newsletters are still an effective marketing tool. But how do you keep your audience coming back for more? You’d think the process would be easier over time, but it’s actually more challenging. Each new article seems to overlap content written in the past. Below is a short list of easy wins for e-newsletter…

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to stand out, you have to take a stand.

Sex, Brands, and Rock & Roll

Don’t you just love to see marketing that’s, you know, good? There were a couple of examples of fun, interesting, and ultimately effective marketing that we picked up on this past week. The first was a bottled-water alternative called Liquid Death. The second was a racy, definitely cheeky (excuse my dad pun), and likely NSFW…

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100% member owned

FREE ICON: 100% Member Owned

Last week I saw a semi-trailer emblazoned with a company logo and the words “100% Employee Owned” underneath, and I thought it was a great way to differentiate their company from all of the others. Then I started wondering why credit unions don’t say something similar. After all, CU members are the owners of their…

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You're in a space the listener helped to create

Streaming ain’t radio.

If you’re running ads in audio streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, podcasts, etc., read the room. Tailor your message, offer, script, and production to the context. A commercial in a listener’s headphones while listening to a finely tuned personal playlist feels a lot more intrusive than listening to the radio. You’re in a space the listener…

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You need to nurture your social media audiences if you want them to blossom and bear fruit.

You need to be social to grow Social Media

You’ve done it. You created accounts for your Credit Union on every social media platform, picked your social media management tool, and started planting some custom content. You post at the recommended times, and answer your followers’ and fans’ messages. In short, you’ve planted your social media garden. Congrats! Good job! But your engagement, the…

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