ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

In Case You Missed It – 4.17.24

Emotionally-intelligent email. The value of negative feedback. Blue-collar Gen-Z. Free Fin-Ed content. How to describe your job, and some friendly advice about your eX. Here’s what we noticed, in case you missed it: Emotional Intelligence… in Email? You know how you just delete some promotional emails without even reading them? I recently got an email…

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Hit them right in their existential dread

Hey CUs, young people need your help

I’ve written at length about how credit unions can get noticed by Millennials. But sometimes it feels like people forget how time just keeps passing us by. Not to make anyone feel old, but as of 2022 millennials are now between the ages of 26 and 41. This means the vast majority of college grads…

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What young people actually want (part 1)

If you don’t want to talk to young people, I get it. Their memes are confusing and their fashion choices can be scary. But you can’t grow younger if you aren’t really sure what these folks want.  The good news is that I went out and talked to the youths for you, and they had…

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