how to build a better RFP to get the credit union website of your dreams.

A better way to build a credit union website RFP

We’ve built a lot of credit union websites and we’ve seen and responded to a lot of website RFPs (Requests for Proposals). And let’s be honest here: most RFPs and RFP processes… aren’t that great. Most CU website RFPs tend to be based on generic “fill in the blank” templates that focus on technology, laundry…

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Compared to bricks and mortar, a website is a screaming purple zonker slam-dunk bargain.

How to buy a new credit union website

Before you begin a credit union website project or start writing an RFP (Request For Proposals), there are three main questions to think over: “why”, “how”, and “who”? Why? Make sure you’re clear on your strategic and long-term reasons for updating your credit union’s website. Technology moves fast, and the world changes even faster. Focus…

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A website can even the playing field faster and at lower cost than anything else.

Five ways a lame website bleeds members and money

When a credit union is considering a shiny new website with all the bells and whistles, they’re naturally concerned about what it’s going to cost.* Sure, you have to be careful with your members’ money, but it’s also important to factor in what that lame old website might be costing you every day: 1. A…

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With all of that potential, the possibilities are almost endless.

Maybe you just need to reboot your CU?

A credit union is kind of like a computer. Multiple components interfacing with processes that all have to work together to get anything done. Competing demands for limited resources that are trying to do too many things at once. Lots and lots of data to process, that everyone wants immediately, if not sooner. With all…

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Redesigning your website is a great way to focus attention on your brand.

Brand? Website? Why not both?

We’ve built lots of credit union websites. And we started noticing something interesting: many of our CU website projects took a slight detour to fix or update branding as well. Sometimes it was just a little visual cleanup – fixing little graphic or type inconsistencies, or updating an awkward symbol. At other times, the process…

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