Learn to love the human stories behind the numbers

CU Numbers Need Marketing Love, Too

Quick, what’s your CU’s current Net Worth/Total Assets ratio? How about Total Loans/Total Shares? What percentage of your members are borrowers? How do these compare to other CUs like yours? Where do you even find these numbers? Now go deeper… WHY are these numbers what they are? Where does your CEO want them to go?…

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reality is never as easy and clean as legend makes it out to be

Legends don’t just happen, they’re built.

Despite its name, New College (part of Oxford University) isn’t exactly new, having been built in the late 1300s. And with that kind of history, it isn’t surprising that even some of its buildings have their own stories and legends. Take the New College dining hall, known for the enormous oak beams that span across…

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marketing must be a core component of planning any merger.

CU mergers need marketing love, too

Even the smoothest credit union merger is a whirlwind of details. Of course, making sure the accounts transition smoothly is job #1, but merger partners also have to pay close attention to personnel, cultures, regulatory requirements and all the rest. No wonder it’s so easy to forget something very important – your members. Communicating with…

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always remember the real people at the other end.

Data Digging Disappoints. Duh.

Billions of words and dollars have been spilled on the topic of Big Data and Marketing for credit unions and banks. But far too often, the quality of the offers, messaging and creative sent to those exquisitely preened, pruned, selected and targeted lists gets almost no attention. We see this in quite a few marketing…

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This is a chance to do things NOW that will set you up for what's NEXT

What you can do NOW

LimboLand. The never-ending CoronaVirus Vocation Vacation. Whatever you call it, we’ve all had to do a lot of adjusting to our shared New Reality. Some of us have adapted well. Others, well, not so much. But if you look at it in a certain way, you just may start to see this as an amazing…

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Think Beyond the Rate

What will lenders do when people stop owning cars?

This jelly-bean-looking EV is already signing people up for a waitlist while it goes through testing. Because electric motors and batteries take up less space, the inside of a Canoo is “as big as a Suburban, with a smaller footprint than a Prius.” The interior has sofa-like seating, and “enough room to easily fit a…

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