CUs appeal to an elite, exclusive group of people

Credit unions: not for everybody

Credit unions aren’t for everyone. There, I said it. And it’s true. The latest numbers bear this out – according to Callahan, credit unions hold 6.6% of assets and 8.7% of deposits nationally. That’s a niche group if I ever saw one. Logically, a whole lot of people – the majority of consumers, really – could benefit…

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high rates are a sign you don't want their business. Any of their business.

Motor madness

As you can probably guess, I’m a motorcycle nut. In fact, motorcycles are my primary transportation — I ride one of my bikes to work every day it’s not snowing too hard. Recently on a large online forum, the topic of financing motorcycles came up. I was very happy to see that several people recommended…

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Branding can be almost anything. And everything.

Understanding Branding

For a long time, Branding was considered to be just the logo and/or the name. Need a new brand? Slap a new logo/name on it and somehow it becomes a totally different, “new and improved” whatever. But that’s a pretty narrow view of branding. Depending on who you talk to, branding can be almost anything.…

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