Get to know your millennials before deciding what they need.

3 millennial misconceptions that I’m going to kill, right now

There are a lot of think pieces, blog posts and even news articles out there about millennials and how different we are. Some are more successful than others, but an unfortunate number of them are just plain wrong. I call these millennial misconceptions, mostly for the alliteration. But why do people seem to care about…

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Will Robots Take My Job?

In the movies, robots are sometimes pictured as benevolent assistants to help humans in futuristic settings. After all, they tend to perform specific tasks faster and more accurately than their human counterparts. But will they take over everyone’s jobs? Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne published a report titled “The Future of Employment: How…

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we’re looking for something to believe in

Tell us WHY you exist

It is, at worst, an open secret that younger consumers like purpose-driven companies. Values-based organizations. Conscious Capitalism. You get the idea. People view companies more favorably when they have clear goals that are not just “make a profit.” This works particularly well with Millennials and Gen-Z, but it’s pretty strong across the board. But, what’s…

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your presence says as much about you as your absence.

Your silence speaks volumes.

Social media has created a unique space online where your presence says as much about you as your absence. In other words, your members pay attention to what you don’t say. Millennials and Gen-Z are more and more important with each passing year, and they care deeply about your values. What do you stand for…

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Good iDiz (v2): WSFCU

Last week we decided to start focusing on positivity. We’re started looking for examples of community building, charity, and things that generally put a smile on our faces. We hope you’ll help us keep it going. This week, we reached out to some folks we know have deep ties to their local communities. They told…

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Good iDiz (v1): Alloya

We’re all about good ideas. However, the world isn’t going to be very normal this week, so we’re doing something different. This Shared iDiz is going to be all about positivity. We’re sharing good news and good vibes, and we hope you’ll help us keep it going. We reached out to our friends and clients…

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Start next year right now.

2020 has been bonkers. Start next year right now.

We know. This year has been absolutely crazy, and you are done with it. All you want to do now is hide behind various screens all day and hope for it all to be over.  But there’s still a couple of months to go this year. And things may not return to normal for a…

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Make it bold. Simple. Outrageous. Dangerous and disruptive.

What’s your Mission?

I have quite a few tools from a company called iFixit. They sell parts and tools for fixing lots of things (mostly cell phones) you’re not supposed to fix. They don’t just sell teensy weird screwdrivers and spudgers, though; their mission is nothing less than “Teach the world to fix every single thing.” And part…

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what if that place was... all over the place?

What if we turned branches inside-out?

In an earlier SharediDiz article, I just had to admit that I’ve always been a branch hater. When I need to get something done, visiting a branch has always been the absolute last resort. But maybe I was being a little harsh. A lot of people still like branches. They can make people feel more…

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For a lot of your members, a branch is a last resort

I hate branches

I’m a branch hater. There, I said it. When I need to get something done with money, visiting a credit union branch has been the absolute last resort for, well, for pretty much my whole life. Branches are time-consuming, inconvenient, and never open when I need them. How many of your members feel the same way? How many…

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