Are you tracking metrics that actually matter?

Make your CU website pay: getting to know your members

Your credit union’s website isn’t just a glowing brochure; it should be the hub of your marketing, an engine for growth, and a no-brainer investment, that makes a big difference in the bottom line. But how do you actually make that happen? This is the first post in a “Make your CU website pay” series…

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Sorry, there’s no secret sauce.

SEO4CUs: Making Friends with Google

Google’s approach to online search helped position them as a leader, which has also led to companies trying to figure out how to get to the top of their page rankings. Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a critical component of having an online presence…

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Build your site around real people and what they really do.

CUs: people are searching for you, not your products

Here’s a remarkable little fact about organic search that is specific to credit union websites: Well over 99% of the clicks coming from organic search are simply variations on the credit union’s name. (For example, “ABC Credit Union”, “ABCFCU”, or “ABC CU”.) In other words, people who find credit union web sites via search are very consistently searching specifically…

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six pieces of useful information that should be on your credit union's home page

Search success starts with usefulness

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still sounds like a complicated and arduous technical task to some. But it really comes down to basic communication principles – skills marketers already have. Maybe it would help to put it in simpler terms. Build a useful web site, and the world will use it. Note that “useful” means that…

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