ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

In Case You Missed It – 1.24.24

Boomers and booms, brands that x-ed out, a different type of Visa, and why you might be able to afford your very own influencer after all. Oh, and a tiny bit of bragging on our part. Here’s what we’ve seen lately, in case you missed it: Congrats, it’s a bouncing baby website! We don’t usually…

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It’s so hard to get young people’s attention nowadays!

Making content to attract younger members

Whenever the question of how to reach new, young members comes up, you’ll see recommendations like, “Make relevant, valuable and authentic content that displays your values,” and you have to wonder what the writer thinks it actually means. Now, this is actually good advice, but it can feel incredibly generic. I know this because I’m…

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3 superpowers of the Friendly Neighborhood Credit Union

When you think of ‘credit unions’, you might not immediately think of ‘superheroes.’ It might be difficult to imagine a superhero that would convincingly represent something like a credit union. People tend to be interested in superheroes that defeat supervillains and repel alien invasions, not ones that save people from high interest rates. But why…

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