The care, feeding and maintenance of a website should be the responsibility of marketing. 

When it comes to budgeting for web sites, you’re doing it wrong.

When it comes to budgeting for web sites, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s why: Your website is more visible than your branches. Your website gets 10 times more traffic in a month than any branch, with members logging in multiple times to pay bills, check balances, and transfer between accounts. Even non-members check your site before coming in…

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Your members are seeing a lot more of your website than your branches.

More Bang for the Buck: Bricks or Clicks?

Brick and mortar branches certainly aren’t going away. You’ll always need face-to-face interaction with members. But in-person service isn’t cheap – in 2014, the average credit union branch cost over $2 million to build and equip. Even buying and refurbishing a closed branch of a competitor won’t save a lot of that cost. Sure, you…

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Creative people are some of the most frustrating, talented, nerve-wracking, and amazingly wonderful people I know.

How to manage creatives without crushing them

Creative people are some of the most frustrating, talented, nerve-wracking, and amazingly wonderful people I know. And I should know, having worked with, hired and managed a whole bunch of them over my career. So when a CEO recently asked me how I was able to get them to do such great work over so many…

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There's a difference between building consensus  and simply being a doormat.

Big decisions are more successful when everyone understands WHY.

When it comes to big decisions, some people seem to know what to do. They understand the need for a change, and they take it as their personal responsibility. They take the lead, build consensus, and make it happen. What I don’t understand are people that let others decide for them. Especially on big decisions, the type that could mean…

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What if everyone resolves to accomplish one extraordinary, game-changing goal?

5 New Year’s Resolutions we dare you to make

Every New Year we make resolutions to improve our future; go to the gym, lose weight, get a raise, take that dream vacation, finally pay off the credit card…you know the drill. Lists are written and promises are made (mostly to ourselves, and mostly forgotten within a few days.) But what if your department did it as a group? What if everyone resolves to…

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Think of your department as a client, and develop a marketing plan

Does your marketing department deserve more respect?

Your in-house marketing department is likely made up of capable, well-qualified and talented people, yet it may feel that you never get any respect from management or the rest of the company. You seem to get stuck doing all the small, tedious jobs while outsiders are brought in for the big, important projects. You obviously…

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The hoops I have to jump through on one site are completely different on the next.

Too many home banking sites, too little time

Between the business, our personal accounts, my mother’s finances, and another organization, I work with accounts at 2 credit unions, 3 large banks, and one regional bank. Which means I have the pleasure (?) of bouncing between SIX different Online Banking websites. I’m a graphic designer by background, not an accountant, so I’ve found the experience challenging,…

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Cut that big pan of brownies into bites.

How to control deadlines instead of letting them control you.

You know that you have that one project to do, and it needs to be done NOW. It’s there, hanging over your head like the black cloud that always followed Joe Btfsplk* around Li’l Abner strips. But you don’t really want to do that project. Maybe it’s too difficult, looks like it will take too long, or you just don’t…

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GREAT marketing is an INCREDIBLE investment.

CEO to CEO: Marketing is either your baby or your fault

The Boss’ attitude and approach towards Marketing is usually the biggest difference-maker in obtaining highly successful results. Those that understand that good marketing is a wise investment, not an expense, do pretty well. Those that understand that GREAT marketing is an INCREDIBLE investment do even better. That’s why I wanted to share my recommendations on…

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Just by their overuse, the lack of original thought BECOMES OBVIOUS.

7 cliches way past their expiration date

I understand that when a phrase gets repeated enough, it can become a cliche. It can also become part of company’s culture – serving as a form of shorthand for CEOs and office managers – especially when anyone is talking about branding and marketing. And while cliches may have started out as a new way…

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