iDiz Inc. Super-Nosy New Website Questionnaire

Thanks for building your new website with iDiz!

As a first step, we need to get to know you, the decision-makers, and your brand.

If you have a "wish list", special concerns, or any specific features you want for your new site, we'll need some info about those.

And don't be afraid to bring up the real "blue sky" stuff as well – let's get it all out on the table. Chances are we've already covered much of your wish list with our "standard" set of features. Of course, there may be some things that just aren't possible, or recommended, but it helps a lot to know what you and the other decision-makers like and don't like.

We'll also want to talk more about where the new website fits into your marketing and branding goals and strategies.

And it's important for us to understand who's making what decisions, who is the main point of contact, and whether there are any issues or preferences we should know about.

If you're not sure about something or "it's complicated", just skip it; we can figure it out later. None of these fields are required.

We look forward to working with you!

What's your name?
What's the name of your credit union?
What's your title or role at the credit union?
What's your role in this project?
What's on your website wish list? Even the goofy, blue-sky stuff. Let it all hang out.
What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? What's just "meh"?
Tell us what you like and don't like about them. And don't limit yourself to credit union or bank websites! Even if it's just one nifty detail you like, please let us know what you like, why, and how it might apply to your site.

You might also review some of the other credit union websites we've built and let us know what you like and don't like about them. Here are links to a few: (new site launching in about a week!)
What features or websites make you grind your teeth?
We can just talk this through on the phone if it's, you know... complicated.
This is a big one: What does the credit union mean to its members emotionally? What direction will this need to go in the future? What's unique, true, and authentic about your credit union and its relationships with your members? What emotions are we amplifying and communicating with the website?
It helps to have some idea of what's coming up for the CU, what you're facing in the next few years, etc. and where the website fits into your strategic, branding, marketing and member communication strategies. An overview is fine, of course, and we can talk this through.
When do you want the new site to go live? Any other events, milestones, vacations, babies (yes, babies), side quests, or deadlines we need to be aware of that may affect scheduling?
We've often found that a new website prompts a review or rethink of the brand, identity, name, brand and marketing strategy, etc. If any of these sorts of things might be on the table (for example, maybe your logo is feeling outdated) let's talk about it.
If there are any lingering concerns, questions, batty ideas, or issues you or anyone else on your team may like us to address, please let us know.
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