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What’s your CU’s heart and soul? Our three-stage process helps you figure it out, translate it into powerful words, images, and actions, and put it to work.


Not everyone will see your new branch or ad, but almost everyone visits your web site. We help you connect to members with distinctive web sites that build brands and get results.


For loans, deposits, and memberships, marketing is your growth engine. Get results with authentic, brand-based communication online, offline, and everywhere in between.


The topic is credit union marketing and you’re invited to read and share. With over 900 posts there are lots of ideas worth talking about, and we’d love to hear what you think!

Recent Shared iDiz Posts

New Year’s Resolution: Kick Some “BUTS”

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You have an amazing idea that gets you feeling so pumped that you have to tell someone else before you explode. Everyone you tell gets so excited they tell others, and suddenly everyone is buzzing, brainstorming, and building on the possibilities until they begin to feel probable. At least until a great big “BUT” pops up. “What if…

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Free Shared iDiz Books

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Back when we started Shared iDiz in 2007, our concept was simply to chat with those working in credit union marketing. We wanted to provide insights, share expertise, challenge unproductive thinking, celebrate fresh viewpoints, and hopefully keep it interesting and fun to read. It’s apparently a long conversation, since we are headed into…

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When you see a bubble, pop it.

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If nothing else, the 2016 election has made one thing very obvious: many of us live in a “information bubble”, where we only pay attention to information that reinforces what we already believe. These bubbles, together with the speed and reach of social media, created an unprecedented opportunity for fake…

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OMG, it’s almost XMAS!

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Having survived Back to School, eaten way too much candy at Halloween, survived a polarized election, then loosened your belt for Thanksgiving, it suddenly hits you in the middle of Cyber Monday: OMG, it’s almost Xmas! And I haven’t gotten anything to send to our Board! And…and…and I never ordered those cards to…

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Recent CUiDiz Projects

Quality in marketing matters.
People can tell the difference.

Brian Wringer

Brand Loyalists are wimps.
Build a Legion of Brand Fanatics.

Kent Dicken

Good marketing is a wise investment.
Great marketing is an incredible investment.

Kent Dicken

Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield.

Brian Wringer

Mission Statements are boring. What’s your Manifesto?

Kent Dicken