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WHAT WE DO:  Website Redesign • Responsive Design • Mobile Sites • Microsites • Email Marketing • SEO • Secure Web Forms • Web graphics • Social Campaigns

Why we build credit union web sites from the brand up: 

Not everyone will see your new branch, brochure, or ad, but almost everyone will interact with your web site. Your web site is one of the most visible and important ways of communicating and reinforcing your brand. A great web site is your brand – the best of your credit union – in action.

We also include everything on your wish list:

    • Responsive design for mobile-friendly sites
      We build responsive web sites that automatically adapt to a wide variety of modern browsers, devices, and screen sizes. No separate mobile site is needed.
    • Easy-to-use Content Management System
      We build sites using a complete Content Management System (CMS) with nearly unlimited flexibility for building every type of web site. Routine web site updates are easy and fast, even for people with no coding or web site skills. No special software is needed – only a web browser and an internet connection.
    • Flexible Page Building System
      The iDiz Page Builder allows users to create and edit pages with a simple, fast, drag and drop interface that shows changes as they happen. Add photos, videos, modules and custom backgrounds – no guesswork is needed to know how a page will look.
The iDiz Page Builder

The iDiz Page Builder is as easy as drag and drop.

  • Third Party integration is seamless
    Home banking, bill-pay, search, Google maps, and more can all be integrated into your new site.
  • Social media is connected
    Your content is shareable, pinnable, likable, and available. Everything is customizable for your marketing and content strategy.
  • Content and Usability Optimized
    We’ll import your current site content, then rewrite, reorganize, and edit to ensure that it aligns with your brand and is optimized for maximum usefulness and accessibility. This will help make your site more useful and engaging for your members and ensure that it is indexed correctly and completely by search engines.
  • Security and Reliability
    From multiple backups to secure hosting, all sites are closely monitored 24/7 by and security updates are applied automatically.
  • Training and support
    We’ll train everyone you want to maintain your site. Have a question or need training for someone new? Call us anytime – it’s included with the hosting.
  • Flexibility for all the extras
    Need something special? Tell us what you need and we can likely plug it in: online applications and secure forms, blogs and comments, shareable photo galleries and videos, social integration, surveys, multiple languages, and much more.

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How to buy a credit union website

How do you plan for the next version of your website that gives you what you need now, and also makes future upgrades easier? After all, the options seem almost infinite. Where do you get started?

To help, we’ve put together a free checklist you can print out and use to organize and prioritize all the various components that go into creating a brand new website.

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