Get some dynamite

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All CU marketers know how difficult it is to get new members to switch their checking accounts. Years ago it wasn’t such a big deal, but today – with online banking, bill-pay, and automatic payments – it’s harder than ever. “Because of the hassle, most consumers don’t switch banks unless…

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Let do.

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The literal translation of the term laissez-faire is “let do”, and generally means “allowing events to take their own course.” Because of the phrase’s history, it tends to be used when discussing Economics and Politics – especially when the economy isn’t doing too hot. So what does this have to do with marketing? Credit Union marketers understand the problems with a “wait and see” attitude, because they are living it. Those that wait, can’t see – because they are usually in the back of the pack, choking on the dust of those that got out in front…

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