Non-Credit Union Portfolio

We have worked for some amazing companies, and partnered with many talented creatives throughout the years.
Here’s a sampling of our non-credit union work:

logo for sales market expert LLC

Sales Market Expert, LLC

Clariti Brochure

Online Career Center

Katie’s Hear to Help Foundation

Cook GBT Website

Nighthawk Military Eyewear

UFIT Custom Earplugs Booth Design

Skylight Bistro & Wine Bar

White Water Valley Presbytery Branding

Christ Church Cathedral – “Chaos to Creativity”

Praxair Specialty Powders International Sales Brochure

Street Youth: On Their Own in Indianapolis

Peltor Warthog Military Eyewear

Entasis Design

Reis Nichols Jewelers

Transportation Management Technologies

Think Solutions

Cole Hardwood Ads

Cole Hardwood Website

Permanent Eye Liner Plus

Sophia Brand Pasta Sauces

Lilly Cubicle Survival Guide

Khamis Builders

The Fashion Mall

Hilton Capabilities Packet

Amaco/Brent Pop-up Displays

Brent Ads

Cook Medical website for Cell Seal product

Cook Medical website for Stemulate product line

Mitsch Design Ads

Indiana Dimensions Inc.

Cole Hardwood

Brent Ad Series

Sales & Marketing Experts

House In Harmony website

IDI Website

Mitsch Design Website

Lakes of Valparaiso Marketing Brochure


3M Hearing Protection

whitewater valley presbytery logo

Whitewater Valley Presbytery logo