Marketing Strategy Consultation

“What all do I manage when it comes to marketing the credit union?
Product campaigns, membership campaigns, website, online banking, statements,
email, marketing automation, social media, newsletter, media screens,
on-hold messaging, posters, ads, outdoor boards, printed inserts, and more.
Much, much more.”

It’s tough to know what’s working when you’re juggling so many media and vendors.

Yet it’s extremely important to know which ones provide the highest ROI worthy of your attention, time, and budget. That’s why we recommend starting with a Marketing Strategy Consultation onsite at your credit union, and using those results as the basis for your future marketing plans.

In our intensive, one or two-day session we’ll work with your team to review results, solve problems and refine your marketing strategy, helping you develop a concrete, achievable plan for the next 12 to 24 months. Together we will review past marketing campaigns and results, asking questions and digging into ROI to see what was and is working. Our focus will be to find out if your CU is getting the results you need from all vendors, media, and campaign creative, and comparing that information with your future growth goals.

Here’s what you can expect:

It’s not that expensive. And it’ll be well worth it.
We’ve worked with credit unions for a long time, so we understand that costs are always a concern — you have to invest your members’ money wisely. Contact us and we’ll ask a few questions so we can propose a plan and give you a firm price. (Expect something in the low four digits for a one-day session.)

You’ll gain fresh insights from people who know credit unions inside and out.
We’ll bring a unique perspective to the table that comes from decades of experience working with a broad spectrum of credit unions all over the country. For a modest cost, not only will you gain the insights of experienced CU marketing agency professionals, but you will also end up with strategic recommendations for future marketing and budgeting.

We’ll be clear, direct (possibly even blunt), and we’ll use real words.
We’ll ask hard questions, and at some point we may make you uncomfortable, but we promise not to use “market-speak.” Clear communication is absolutely essential if you want everyone to understand what they need to do, and commit to doing it.

You’ll still be you.
We’re not going to show up with a one-size-fits-all-plan-for-fabulousness and try to impose it on you. Every credit union is different, and the differences are valuable. One of our goals is to help you discover and better understand what makes your credit union truly one of a kind, and make the most of what makes you different.

We’ll help you build on what you have.
Already done some market research? Great, let’s use that. Have a pretty spiffy marketing strategy? Let’s tune it up and put it into action. Got a talented designer on staff? We’ll help you make the most of her talents. Happy with your current vendor for this, or that? We’ll respect your existing relationships.

We’ll help you fill in the gaps.
Every CU marketing staff has a different set of talents and capabilities. Whether you have a marketing department, a marketing manager going it alone, or even a marketing officer who wears several other hats, we can help support you and fill in the missing pieces.

We’ll provide you with a roadmap for the future.
At the end of the session, we will compile all of the information gathered, include our analysis and provide strategic recommendations for your future marketing.

You decide what’s next.
If you don’t want to follow our recommendations, you are not committed to do so. Nor are you obligated to working with us further. Of course, if you agree with our recommendations, we would be happy to help where we can, and provide recommendations for other resources when there isn’t a fit. Either way, we will never hard-sell or pressure you into a long-term commitment.

If this sounds like a reasonable approach, then the biggest question we have is:

How soon do you want to get started?