What We Do

We’re a strategic marketing firm that helps credit unions grow market share through authentic branding, creative marketing campaigns, and mobile-friendly web sites.

Why Credit Unions?

There are lots of reasons. For starters, banks and most other businesses are focused solely on getting bigger and increasing profits. Credit unions, by contrast, are refreshingly human and completely sincere in their goals and ethics.

Since credit unions are staffed, managed, and owned by their members, they’re also much more diverse and interesting. Every credit union is different, but they all share an amazing sense of respect and caring for their members. That’s pretty rare these days.

When we collaborate with you to build effective and successful marketing and branding, we help improve the lives of thousands of people in small and large ways. Everybody wins.

It’s a great way to make a living!

What We’re Like

Is iDiz right for you? We know you’re not here for cat videos or celebrity gossip. You’re here to figure out if we’re a fit for you, without having to deal with a slimy sales droid (we don’t even have salespeople, let alone slimy robotic ones), so maybe the question should be…

Are you right for iDiz? Honestly, we’re a little picky about our clients. We like to work with companies that care about the people and world around them, that try to be as human and authentic as we strive to be. We don’t try to offer something for everyone; we’d rather be everything for a few special clients.

Can iDiz do what I need done? It’s quite likely. We can do pretty much anything in the area of marketing, design, web stuff, media, and branding. And if you don’t really know what you need done, we can help you figure it out, and then develop a strategy and a plan.

Not everything we can do or have done is on this site, or expressed in exactly the same words you might use. If you’re not sure whether something fits into our areas of expertise, give us a call or shoot us an email and ask. We won’t bite, and we won’t bug you. Promise.

Are you expensive? No, we’re not expensive. We’re not cheap, either. But compared to other firms doing similar things, we’re near the low end. We don’t have a huge glass building in a trendy coastal city or a team of sales droids. We drive regular Toyotas, Buicks and Hondas to work in a groovy old house in a groovy old neighborhood in Indianapolis.

How the heck do you pronounce “iDiz”? That one’s easy — it’s pronounced “ideas”. And that’s exactly what it means.