OMG, it’s almost XMAS!

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Having survived Back to School, eaten way too much candy at Halloween, survived a polarized election, then loosened your belt for Thanksgiving, it suddenly hits you in the middle of Cyber Monday: OMG, it’s almost Xmas! And I haven’t gotten anything to send to our Board! And…and…and I never ordered those cards to…

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The CU vault of horrors

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Stuck trying to come up with a costume idea for the credit union office party? Here are a few grisly ghouls you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark and lonely branch hallway. Grumpy Gertie the Zombie Member She’s not a ghost just yet, but she is often seen shuffling…

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Don’t forget to breathe.

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It’s October, and the world seems to ripen around you. Reds, oranges and yellows pop out overnight against the darker green leaves of trees that aren’t in such a big hurry, while squirrels try to get a little fatter with every walnut they crack open. It’s the best time of the year in the…

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Choose to be worth it.

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They say that in the race to the bottom only one person wins, but I’m not convinced that anyone actually does. We still see credit unions claiming they “do everything a bank does, only cheaper.” Okay, they don’t normally say “cheaper” in their marketing, but they do usually brag about their lower loan…

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