Blueprint Home Equity Promotion

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Introducing our famous blueprint-in-a-tube home equity loan promotion!


Over the years, the blueprint in a tube home equity loan promotion has proven to be a flexible and highly portable concept. The blueprint promotion has accumulated an impressive record of success with more than 100 credit unions across the country -- ROIs have ranged as high as 2,984%, with several over 1,000%!


The secret to this success is that absolutely no one can throw away the mailing tube without checking to see what’s inside. Many credit unions even add a small giveaway item to the tube, like a pencil, chip clip, or keychain, just to give the package an irresistible rattle.


The graphics on the blueprint are clear and unforgettable, and the message and offer are completely customized for each credit union – even the house graphic and the illustrations are customized for the credit union and the area. We can also create postcards, posters, web graphics, ads, and other pieces as needed to back up the blueprint message.


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