The Dogs

Meet Henry and Brenda.


Henry is our wonderful company mascot. He was trained to become a service dog through a non-profit agency called Canine Companions for Independence. Unfortunately, he got nervous being away from his human mom, so he returned home to live out the rest of his life as a beloved pet. Henry spends his time at the office waiting for various delivery people to bring him treats. Carrying socks around in his mouth is another favorite pasttime.


The smaller dog on the right is Brenda. She also comes to us from Canine Companions for Independence but she is just beginning her training to become a service dog. She'll be with us until August, 2014 when she'll leave to begin her Advanced Training at the CCI office in Ohio. In the meantime, we'll enjoy watching her grow and learn more than 30 commands.


The office is littered with squeaky toys but we don't mind too much because the dogs  are just so cute.


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